Pelni Carries 56 Containers of Featured Rice to Papua Logistik Nusantara 2, one of nine sea toll routes operated by PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) transported 56 containers of superior rice commodities from Merauke to Papua and West Papua, last Friday (28/5/2021). .

A Busines Director of PT Pelni’s Sea Toll and Goods Transportation  Yahya Kuncoro said that T-19 was launched in early 2021 by the Ministry of Transportation to answer the rice distribution problem for the Papua and West Papua regions.

Merauke, one of the regions that donates rice in the Papua region, is expected to be able to reduce the disparity of rice prices in the Papua and West Papua regions.

“The government has assigned Pelni to ensure that the flow of logistics distribution in Papua and West Papua is more efficient so that prices for basic needs can be stable, including rice. Before the T-19, rice was usually sent from Surabaya or Manado to Papua. 19 are able to encourage the economy of farmers in Merauke,” he said in his statement, Wednesday (16/6/2021).

Company data shows that KM Logistik Nusantara 2 has carried 174 containers of rice from Merauke during 2021. In the first voyage, namely on January 3, 2021, KM Lognus 2 transported 24 containers of rice.

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“Since T-19 was opened, the sea toll cargo to Papua and West Papua has continued to show an increase and peaked in this sixth voyage,” Yahya explained.

As for the return cargo, throughout 2021 the Lognus 2 KM has transported 58 containers, with the majority containing chipped stone, stone ash and sand, which are superior commodities from the Ministry of Finance.

“We continue to invite local governments to maximize regional superior commodities to increase sea toll loads, so that logistics distribution and allocation will be more efficient for the community around the archipelago,” said Yahya.

The company also invites business actors to continue to use marine toll vessels to expand market section.

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