Papua’s Economy Grows 14.54 Percent in the Third Quarter of 2021, the Highest in Indonesia – A Representative Office (KPw) of Bank Indonesia (BI) Papua stated that the economic growth of Papua Province in the quarter or third quarter of 2021 grew 14.54 percent. This figure is the highest compared to 33 other provinces in Indonesia. “Papua has the highest economic growth in Indonesia. We grew 14.54 percent in the third quarter,” said Head of KPw BI Papua, Naek Tigor Sinaga, in Jayapura, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

Papua’s high economic growth, explained Tigor, was influenced by the increasing of performance in the mining sector, with the largest contribution coming from PT Freeport Indonesia. In addition, the momentum of the implementation of PON XX and Peparnas XVI in Papua some time ago also boosted economic growth in the region. “It is noted that the contribution of the mining sector currently reaches 54.6 percent. Meanwhile, PON itself is considered as a momentum for the recovery of the non-mining sector,” he said.

BI advises that economic actors in Papua can immediately integrate into the digital world so that economic growth can be maintained. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet so digital economic activity is so much needed. “Digitalization is important, moreover the formation of a digital acceleration and expansion team is the keys, because digital trends are the driving force, in addition to other productive businesses,” said Tigor.

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Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Papua, M. Ridwan Ruikutun, stated that the Papua Provincial Government continues to encourage synergy between stakeholders and business actors so that economic growth can continue to be improved. Despite having affluent natural resources, the Papua Provincial Government wants the trade and production sectors to be increased in order to minimize Papua’s dependence on the mining sector.

 “With the advantages of our natural resources and our determination to be better, I believe the vision of Papua Rise, Independent and Prosperous can be realized,” said Ridwan.

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