Papuan Youth Can Become Millennial Farmers and World Class Entrepreneurs – President Joko Widodo in Sorong carried out a Corn Planting activity with Farmers, Monday, October 4, 2021, as well as surveying the Millennial Farmer program in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Inspirational Young Papua. This effort is to internalize and maximize the potential of the millennial farmer program which was inaugurated some time ago.

 President Jokowi’s arrival was accompanied by a Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar, a Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo, a Chair of the House Puan Maharani and West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandacan. In particular, Billy said this activity is a sign of the government’s seriousness in implementing the Millennial Farmer program, creating Papuan children to be interested in the world of agriculture to become advanced and modern farmers.

 The goal is not only to be able to increase the volume of food in Indonesia and Papua, but also to improve the welfare of farmers’ living standards which will also be a hope for the next generation of farmers.

 According to Billy, agriculture is a sector that absorbs the most labor, in Papua and West Papua. More than 60% of young people are involved in this sector. “Looking at other developed countries such as New Zealand or the Netherlands where economic progress is driven by the agricultural sector based on modern technology and young people, so that Papua can also encourage Indonesia to become a developed country in this sector,” he said.

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In his speech, the President asked that there should be 2,000 millennial farmers from Papua and West Papua. They must be guided, given training, capital, technology, so that they can become world-class exporters.

For information, the Launching of Millennial Farmers – Inspirational Young Papuans was firstly conducted in Manokwari, West Papua with Governor Dominggus Mandacan and the Minister of Agriculture in May 2021, followed by other regions.

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo in guiding entrepreneurial technology for Papuan millennial farmers, affirmed that this training is to provide entrepreneurship skills in the agricultural sector, so that West Papuan millennials can farm on a business scale.

Syahrul also said Millennial Farmers – the Ministry of Agriculture together with Inspirational Young Papua, have been present in two provinces and six districts in Papua. Now succeed to reach approximately 800 young people to join. Even some of them are involved in national export activities.

The young farmers who attended this activity seemed very enthusiastic in listening to the presentation of the material and the discussion session. They thanked to President Jokowi for fully supporting Papuan youth to innovate through the agricultural sector. Millennial farmers in the future can become a belief for young people, that farmers are marvelous, farmers are innovative and creative, and farmers are technology literate.

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