Papuan Religious Leaders: Otsus as a Lovely Gift at the Moment of Indonesian Independence – The enactment of the Law on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province (Otsus Papua) is considered a beautiful gift of the momentum of Indonesia’s independence.

The chairman of the Optimist Indonesia Movement, Ngasiman Djoyonegoro, said the establishment of the second volume of the Papua Special Autonomy Law was a part of the central government’s commitment to develop Papua. With the ratification of Otsus Volume two, which has taken into account the socio-cultural aspects of Papua, Ngasiman has optimist that the development of Papua in the future will be better.

The chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Board (PWNU) of Papua who is also a member of the Papuan People’s Council, Tony Wanggai, said that with the ratification of the second volume of the Papua Autonomy Law, a Papuan Indigenous People (OAP) from each customary area will be increasingly represented in the local political process at the region (the Local House of Representative).

He said that Otsus funds will be increasingly targeted and in accordance with the needs of OAP. He also assessed that the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development in Papua as a road map to deal with Papua in the next 20 years will make Papuan development more coordinated and directed. He also assessed that regional structuring (provincial expansion) in Papua would encourage equitable development, so that it is not Jayapuracentric. Rather, it becomes Papua-centric evenly.

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Meanwhile, a Papuan community leader Priest Fredy H Toam, said that so far there have been stereotypes for the region and the people of Papua. The stereotype regards Papua as the backward and underdeveloped part of Indonesia.

He reminded Papuans not to forget the presence of outsiders who have become part of Papua. The stipulation of volume two of Otsus Papua is a gift from God, because with the existence of autonomous rights to the regions, Papuans have the right to determine the direction of regional development, so that the development of Papua can be in accordance with the aspirations and desires of the Papuan people.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia on June 15, 2021, had ratified the Draft Law on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province (Otsus Papua) into Law at the Plenary Meeting in Jakarta.

There are at least 20 points of change in the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law, which consists of changes to 18 articles and the addition of two new articles. With the ratification of the Volume Two of OTSUS Law, it is hoped that it will accommodate the need for specific arrangements for OAP in the fields of politics, education, health, employment, and the economy, as well as provide support for the indigenous peoples.

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