Papuan Religious Leaders: I deplore, KKB is not Humane – The cruelties of Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in the Puncak Regency area still leaves a deep wound. At least the chief of BIN (Kabinda) of Papua, Major General Posthumous TNI I Gusti Putu Danny Karya Nuhraga had fall in this heartbreaking incident. Where a shootout occur in Dambet Village, Beoga District, Puncak, this violence is practically not only contradicting an ideology, but also contradicting the conscience and humanity.

In a statement, the Vice Chairman of Classes of the Papuan Protestant Church of Indonesia – GPI Papua Mimika, Priest Ferdinan C Hukubun also expressed his condolences for the victim, and regretted the KKB action that had killed TNI soldiers.

“I deeply regret what KKB has done, because the such actions are very inhumane,” said Pdt Hukubun.

He hopes that the TNI, Polri, and government to immediately enforce the law. This needs to be done in order to provide education for all citizens.

 “Enforcing of the rule of law is also a correction, that people who are disorderly must accept the consequences,” he said. 

Enforcing of the rule of law against the KKB according to Pdt Hukubun, is also a manifestation of the principle of social justice for the people. For, the victims are not only the authorities, but also civilians. Even, the people who are victims of this are the parties actually presenting in the land of Papua, especially in Puncak Regency, for the education of the children of the Papuan generation who will later develop their ancestral lands.

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Pdt Hukubun invoked  and urged all citizens, especially those living in the land of Papua, to jointly fight crime and protect the land of Papua so that it is always scure and peaceful.

“Of course in accordance with the philosophy, Papeda, Papua Penudah Dami. Let’s all protect the land of Papua we love,”he said.

Then on the other hand, regarding victims, Rev. Hukubun said that the deceased was a figure who loved Papua. He is also so loved by the Papuan people. However, irresponsible groups have tarnished and damaged the good image of Papua.

“As a religious leader, I am conveying deep condolences. May, his observances accepted by God and the family that is left behind is given courage,” he explained.   

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