Papuan Pundits Protest on the Crown of Cenderawasih Becoming a Souvenir of PON XX – The Chairperson of Papuan Women’s Pundits, Rosaline Rumaseuw, spoke about the use of the Cenderawasih crown as a souvenir at the  Papua National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021.

The Cenderawasih crown which is usually used by a king or ondoafi, according to Rosaline, should not merely be a souvenir at the Papua National Sports Week which is planned to be held from October 2, 2021.

“This crown has lost its cultural value and has been replaced with economic value. Anyone can buy it to use at cultural festivals,” said Rosaline in a press statement, Thursday (2/9/2021).

In the past, in Rosaline’s opinion, the crown was only used by an Ondoafi or traditional leader in the Tabi or Dofonsoro cultural area. To use the crown, a strict traditional ritual or procession must be performed.

Currently, said Rosaline, respect for the sacredness of the Cenderawasih crown as the king’s crown is considered to be starting to disappear. This, for her, occurred because of the erosion of globalization and economic demands.

Not only about the loss of cultural values, the crown of Cenderawasih is also considered a conservation of Cenderawasih birds.

In the past, Papuans were said to have a simple concept of conservation of Cenderawasih birds. It is said that the Cenderawasih bird is used for the king’s crown so that the Cenderawasih bird’s feathers are not hunted carelessly.

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Now on the other hand, the wild pursuing of Cenderawasih birds is increasingly rampant. “The legal basis has existed already, it’s just a matter of the governor’s firmness, don’t be lenient with the rules government itself made,” said Rosaline.

Therefore, Rosaline urges the local government to pay more attention and can provide strengthening of indigenous peoples’ institutions, so that they can independently take care of matters related to their customs. This includes protecting the natural environment of flora and fauna such as birds of paradise from poaching.

“So that our children and grandchildren can still see Cenderawasih birds flying freely in the air, not only hearing stories about Cenderawasih and seeing pictures,” said Rosaline.

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