Papuan People Assembly: Don’t Be Afraid to Come to PON, Papua Gets Secure – The Papuan people must work together to ensure the success of the event of XX National Sports Week (PON) XX on the Earth of Cenderawasih. It was stated by the Papuan People Assembly (MRP). A Chairman of the MRP, Timotius Murib, asked all Indonesian people to  support together the 2021 Papua PON to run well without any disturbances or threats of security.

Timo assured that Papua would be secure during the PON. “This is a party for the Indonesian people. Papua is Indonesia also. We, as the Papuan People Assembly, appeal to the people in Papua to take care of security together,” from Jakarta, Friday (17/9).

Timo also said that people in Papua should welcome their guests who come to the PON event with a sense of taking care of brotherhood each other. “Papua is safe for all the people who come. The Papuan people also have to take responsibility, they must ensure the safety of their relatives who will come later,” Timo added.

Although according to Timo, the security guarantee for the PON event should come from the Police and the Indonesian National Army (TNI). However, the Papuan people are also the vanguard in providing a sense of security and comfort for athletes and contingents from outside the region who come to PON Papua.

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“Don’t be afraid to come. The Papuan people are also the Indonesian people. Everyone (Indonesia) must help each other to be safe, peaceful. Papua now, just like Jakarta. It’s safe, the community can take care of each other,” continued Timo.

Regarding threats from individuals who have been labeled as security nuisances, Timo also dismissed these threats. “No. Because this is only in four cities that are safe,” he explained. Also, he said, the presence of the National Police and the TNI strengthens optimism that the PON Papua event will be safe and successful.

Timo said, MRP’s concern about PON is not about security. But about the fulfillment of public facilities for the guests and the contingent of athletes who came. Such as the competition arena, lodging places, and communication networks which, on the report of him,  are still being improved.

However, he believes, the PON Papua event will increase brotherhood and the welfare of the people on Earth of Cenderawasih. “There are shortcomings, it’s natural. But Papua, and its people are ready to welcome their brothers and sisters who come for the PON later,” said Timo.

PON Papua 2021, will start on October,  2. The multi-pronged sport event will be held simultaneously in four cities and districts. The central of the event are in Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency as well as in Mimika Regency, also in Marauke. The closing of the sports event is scheduled for the next October, 15. During the event, it is estimated that there will be no less than 10,000 athletes and contingents from all over Indonesia.

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