Papuan People are Increasingly More to be Stock Investors – A Head of the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua, Kresna Payokwa, said that in the first semester of 2021, the development of the Capital Market in Papua run into a positive trend.

It was recorded that there were 3,829 new stock investors as of May 31, 202 with a total of 13,927 investors in Papua and West Papua.

While data at the end of December 2021, IDX recorded the number of capital market investors in Papua and West Papua reached 18,936 investors or grew by 76 percent.

“Along January to May 2021, it was recorded that there were additions of 8,247 new capital market Single Investor Identity (SID), bringing the total capital market investors in Papua and West Papua as of 31 May 2021 to 32,433 capital market investors,” said Kresna in Jayapura, Friday 9 July 2021.

In his view, the growth of new shares cannot be separated from the services of the capital market industry, which had already implemented online services for capital market transactions and investments, even before the pandemic occurred.

“All stages of investing, from educational services to potential investors, opening an account in securities, to buying transactions for capital market products, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs can be done by online,” he said.

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Kresna said this step had been taken several years ago, so that when a pandemic occurs that requires social distancing, the infrastructure for online services is ready.

Moreover, the implementation of PSBB and PPKM causes more people’s activities to stay at home, and investment or trading activities in the capital market are an option to remain productive during the pandemic.

To compensate for the high demand for investment with adequate investment knowledge, the Papua and West Papua Representative Office continues to actively carry out the educational activities for online capital market via zoom which can be followed by the general public. “Every week we hold an education class for the Capital Market School and Torang Learning Stocks which is held online, the implementation time is held in the afternoon, so as not to disturb community activities,” said Kresna.

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