Papuan National Paralympic Week (Peparnas); from Free Culinary to Papuan Artist – After the XX PON, Papua Province is going to hold the XVI Peparnas which will be held from November 2-15 in the city and district of Jayapura.

Peparnas is a National Paralympic Week which is a sports event for people with disabilities. There is going to be 12 sports competed with 1,935 athletes participating and involving 740 officials.

Adding to the excitement ahead of the XVI Peparnas, the Grand Committee (PB PEPARNAS) for Promotion and Marketing will hold a Peparnas XVI Countdown on Tuesday, 19 October 2021, from 15.00 WIT to 20.00 WIT at the Papua Governor’s Office.

A Coordinator of Peparnas XVI Promotion and Marketing, Debora Solossa, explained that Peparnas XVI Countdown is a countdown activity for Peparnas which will also include the launch of a number of sponsors and promotions for Peparnas.

She hopes that with the launch of the Peparnas sponsorship, it can inspire companies or other parties to become sponsors of the XVI Papua Peparnas activities. “We still open opportunities for anyone who will become a sponsor and support this sporting event,” she explained, Sunday, October 17, 2021.

She mentioned that so far there are sponsors from Blibli Papua that can be ordered via the shopee or Bukalapak applications. Blibli Papua has existed since 2 months ago and there are a number of sales of indigenous Papuan products.

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In the Peparnas Countdown, Papuan UMKM will be introduced, such as sago ice cream makers, sago cookies, papeda wraps managed by MSMEs.

“We will introduce processed green beans and pineapple and sell them to Blibli Papua, including Robongholo mineral water as the official Peparnas drink,” he said.

Debora said all the culinary preparations will be distributed free of charge to visitors. It’s just that the number is limited. The committee only provides 1,000 pax and coupons that will be distributed to visitors to be exchanged for free culinary delights. “All the culinary delights we prepare are local Papuan foods,” explained Debora.

Debora believes that by introducing local food to visitors and guests who will attend, she can promote Papuan UMKM and Papuan culinary specialties, both in terms of food and drinks. She believes that Papua has good local food capabilities, including the process of making and serving it. This is also one that shows the Peparnas motto, namely “Light of Victory from the East.”

“How is Peparnas also able to display Papuan local food managed by MSMEs. So, from us and for us, for the success of Peparnas and making Papua and Indonesia Jaya proud, as well as showing in the eyes of the world that Papua is friendly to people with disabilities and friendly to everything,” she said.

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In addition, the Peparnas Countdown event will also perform artists and artists from Papua. The Promotion Division of Peparnas XVI believes that introducing UMKM and Papuan artists will create successful economic empowerment that will become real and be felt by economic subjects.

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