Papuan Employers’ Association Responds Well the Decreased PCR Price – The Employers’ Association, Kadin and Apindo Papua appreciate President Jokowi’s policy of decreasing the price of PCR tests related to Covid-19.

“We really appreciate and support the decreasing in the price of the Covid-19 PCR examination and hope that it will be implemented in the field soon,” said Chairman of the Papua Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ronald Antonio Bonai and Chairman of Apindo Papua, Tulus Sianipar, who were contacted separately, Tuesday (17/8).

The chairman of the Papua Chamber of Commerce and Industry hopes that in addition to lowering the price of PCR, the provision of equipment will also be increased so that there will be no accumulation and the results will be known quickly.

The government is asked to provide PCR equipment in large quantities so that people can carry out examinations related to their health conditions so that if they are found out quickly, the handling will also be easier.

“If the price of the PCR test is affordable, the public can immediately carry out an examination so that if the result is positive for COVID-19, it can be handled immediately, considering that if it is too late, the treatment will also get more difficult,” said Bonai.

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He also admitted that the price reduction is very helpful for people who will travel because currently one of the requirements for travellers is a PCR examination.

The chairman of Apindo Papua, Tulus Sianipar, said the same thing, adding that the reduction in the price of examinations is very helpful for people who are going to travel or who want to have their health checked.

The decrease in the price of PCR examinations is considered helpful, considering that since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world, the economic situation was unstable.

Previously, President Jokowi instructed that the price of PCR tests in the future be in the range of Rp. 450 thousand to Rp. 550 thousand. He also requested that the test results be released within 1×24 hours so that the testing can take place quickly.

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