Papuan Coffee is in Demand by European Market – Papuan coffee, a commodity native to the Earth of Cenderawasih, is currently being pursued by the European market. The unique taste and aroma is one of its attractions.

A head of the Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, SMEs and Manpower Office of Papua Province, Omah Laduani Ladamay said that Papuan coffee has a unique taste, because it grows at a height that other regions do not have.

“We have an average altitude of 1,300-2,000 meters (above sea level) and it has a unique taste and aroma. Papuan coffee is different from coffee of other regions,” said Laduani, Friday, November 12, 2021.

According to Laduani, the coffee plantation area in Papua has now reached 90 hectares. Unfortunately, the people’s enthusiasm for growing coffee has not been matched by a good marketing spirit.

“Currently there are barriers for the coffee market, which can be said to be still weak, not to mention the price of logistics which transports coffee from the interior to Jayapura to outside Papua,” he explained.

Laduani believes that the interest of investors from Europe will answer the obstacles to the future of Papuan coffee. “We appreciate the cooperation between Kadin Papua and investors from the Czech Republic by means of business forum meetings. It will excite coffee in Papua,” said Laduani.

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Separately, the Chairman of the Papua Chamber of Commerce, Ronald Antonio Bonai, explained that the forum “The Czech-Indonesian Business Forum” is very necessary, because in this forum the Czech and Indonesian Governments bring together investors from various fields to introduce each other to all business fields.

“Currently, European investors have started an initial agreement through business-to-business negotiations with Jakup Fiala, a coffee importer in the Czech Republic who usually buys coffee from coffee-producing countries, then markets it in the Czech and European regions,” he explained.

According to Ronald, this effort is a form of Kadin Papua’s support for the vision and mission of the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe to create a Rise, Independent and Prosperous Papua in the economic field.

“Kadin will continue to synergize with the Papua Provincial Government in the economic field, Kadin as a partner will carry out its duties in finding and opening investment roads in Papua,” said Ronald.

Meanwhile, Big Coffee Distributor in Europe, Jakub Fiala, assessed that Indonesian coffee commodities, especially Papua, have great opportunities for export to the Czech Republic and the European region.

The reason is the diversity of taste and aroma of Papuan coffee which has a bright future in Europe. “We hope that this negotiation will be the first step for a good and sustainable business for us to do,” said Jakub Fiala.

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