Papuan Children Must be Able to Compete in Official Schools – An education observer in Papua and West Papua, George Saa said, a serious attention is needed from the government in Papua and West Papua to prepare the children of the young generation of Papua so that they can compete in receiving education in official schools in Indonesia.

He said there are at least 20 official schools in Indonesia and they are the favorite destination schools for high school graduates in Indonesia. He said, up to now, there is no clear information on how many regencies and cities throughout the provinces of Papua and West Papua have established cooperative relationships with a number of official schools in Indonesia.

So it is hoped that this special preparation can encourage graduation rates from Papua and West Papua to these schools. He continued, every year when the names of Papuan sons and daughters are announced who graduated from official schools in Indonesia, sometimes protests arise from the Papuan people. As stated by him, without a breakthrough to provide a solution so that Papuan children can dominate the graduation rate to enter official schools, it is actually not useful. Therefore, there is a need for a special program.

“I am George Saa, as an observer of education in Papua, I am ready to encourage this. I am in the process of preparing documents for special education which I hope to be partner with district and city governments in Papua and West Papua,” he said.

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He admitted that he was very optimistic that if the city, district government of  West Papua establish a cooperation with official schools by means of the institution he was preparing, they could prepare special training materials for Papuan children.

“My hope is that in the future, the governments in Papua and West Papua will support this, there must be concrete support. Papuan sons and daughters must be specially trained so that in the future they can attend this official school,” he added.

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