Papua Provincial Government Dispatches 350 ADEM Program Participants – The Papuan Provincial Government (Pemprov) has dispatched 350 participants of the Affirmation of Intermediate Education (ADEM) program to study in various regions in Indonesia.

Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Regional Archives Office, Christian Sohilait, in Jayapura, Monday (5/7/2021), said that 2021 will be the second time for the ADEM program has been implemented.

“I order to maintain health protocols, washing hands, wearing masks, and keeping a distance, taking care of your own health, keeping a your good name, a place of origin and protecting the name of Papua Province,” he said.

According to Christian, his party has held a technical meeting and looked at the health protocol system in the area, and how schools maintain the health of children.

“The Education Office has created a special team to monitor the children participating in the ADEM program so that they can provide information to parents or to the district about the condition of these participants,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sub-Coordinator for Student Functions of the Directorate of Community Education and Special Education (PMPK) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendibud Ristek), Rahmat Rahmawan, said this program was an acceleration program for the quality of education, especially for the Land of Papua.

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“This design has been from 2013, so it can run because of the ADEM graduates will continue with the Higher Education Affirmation (ADIK) program,” he said.

He added that his party strives to provide the best through evaluation of graduates and continues in the ADIK program, where this coaching is in accordance with what is desired, for example, recruitment in using applications so that they fulfill the criteria.

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