Papua Noken Bags, Not Just Made Arbitrarily Since It Can Create Emotional Bonds

A Noken bag is a traditional Papuan craft. It turns out that this item cannot be made carelessly, because it can create an emotional tie between the user and the craftsman.

This noken bag is believed to be able to give birth to a reciprocal relationship among residents, as well as mothers and children untill humans and nature. This object is not just a tool to make something, but also can come an influence up.

This traditional craft in the form of woven from Papuan residents is made from plants, such as pandanus, orchids, and others. That’s why the bags used by these people can create a human bond with nature. In addition, there will be an inner bond for craftsmen and their users.

Because of the women making these bags are intended for the needs of their children, Noken bags are used to transport goods and children since they also function to appear a sense of love between mother and child. In addition, the Noken bag is also to stimulate the child’s growth and development to always love his homeland and maintain the authenticity of the indigenous Papuan culture.  

When Papuan children are migrating out of town, it is the Noken bag that they use as a tool to express feelings of longing for their mother and homeland. Because it symbolizes a very essential value and as a regional identity, the Noken bag will become a souvenir for Papuan PON participants later.

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