Papua Governor Office Building Takes 2 Years – The building of the 9-stories Papua Governor Office is estimated to take 2 years. The central government building on the axis of Jayapura City will be equipped with a basement.

“The construction of the Papua Governor Office has 9 floors and 1 basement. The mechanism uses a multi-years design, so that the processing time (up to) 2 years,” said a Head of the Papua Province Information and Communications Office Jery Yudianto to via telephone, Monday 8 November 2021.

Jery ​​said that the demolition of the governor’s office was an old agenda since the beginning of the leadership of the Governor Lukas Enembe and the deceased Klemen Tinal. “Actually, the old agenda has been since the beginning of the leadership of Governor Lukas Enembe and the late Klemen Tinal,” he explained.

Currently, Jery continued, office activities and community services have spread to various places, starting at the Cooperative Training Center, Job Training Center to the Papuan Women’s Empowerment Office.

“Activities temporarily moved to the General Bureau at the Cooperative Training Center (Balatkop), then the Legal Bureau at the Meteorology Office, Organizational Bureau at the Job Training Center, then the Goods and Services Provision Service Bureau (BPP BJ) at the Papuan Women’s Empowerment Office,” he explained.

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Previously, the Head of the Papua Province Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Office, Girius One Yoman, said that the construction of the 9-stories governor office and one parking lot cost a budget of Rp. 400 billion.

A total of five offices to be built include the Papuan MRP Office, the Papuan Public Works and Public Housing Office, the Papuan Goods and Services Provisioning Service Bureau (BPP BJ), the Papuan General Election Commission Office and the Papuan KNPI Office.

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