Papua Governor Hands over 9 Venues for XVI Peparnas – A Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe handed over the facilities and infrastructure for the releasing of the 2021 Papua National Paralympic Week (XVI Peparnas) contingent at the Lukas Enembe Main Stadium, Friday 29 October 2021. Apart from the delivery of facilities and infrastructure, there was also a test event.

“We are back again today, we witness the beginning of the activities of a second event after PON XX, namely 2021 Peparnas which will be held in Papua Province,” he explained in his remarks.

The handover of 9 venues, including the equipment for the competition, releasing of the XVI Papua National Peparnas Contingent and conducting of a test event.

“The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia guarantees the survival of every citizen, including persons with disabilities who have legal standing and have the same human rights as Indonesian citizens and as an inseparable part of Indonesian citizens and society,” he said.

The XVI Peparnas is a very important part of the Papuan government’s efforts to build and encourage equal rights and positions for people with disabilities to develop their potential in the sports achievement field.

“There is a lot of evidence that athletes with disabilities can achieve the highest results in the world of sports, even surpassing non-disabled athletes,” he explained

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The Governor of Papua gave his appreciation to the Chair of the NPCI Papua who had prepared the

Athletes of XVI Peparnas from Papua, so according to reports it has been stated that they are ready to fight for medals at the XVI Papua Peparnas event.

The Papuan government promised to pay attention to the peak achievements of athletes with disabilities until finally fighting for the best achievements in the XVI Peparnas event.

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