Papua Commitment Towards the Indonesia One Data Era – The Provincial Government of Papua continues to be committed to realizing One Data Indonesia. This commitment was demonstrated by the coordination meeting for the implementation of One Indonesia Data in Jayapura, Thursday 11 November 2021.

Coordination Meeting organized by the Regional Development Planning Agency, Research and Development (Bappeda-Litbang) to produce data that is accurate, up-to-date, integrated, accountable, and easily accessible.

Assistant for Economic Affairs and Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of Papua, Muhammad Musa’ad said this coordination meeting was also one of the missions of the Governor of Papua. The Papuan Provincial Government has also developed a One Data which is called Paitua or Papua One Data Integration.

“Paitua is a portal containing development data consisting of geospatial data and spatial data, both data at the provincial and district/city levels based on the regulations of the Governor of Papua, whose regulations are currently in the process of being finalized,” explained Musa’ad to reporters.

Musa’ad believes that the Bappeda of Papua Province is able to facilitate districts/cities in establishing a data forum that will further enrich the availability of data in Papua.

‚ÄúThis data is important to be consolidated, for that it is hoped that the data that comes out must be data that has been consolidated. There should be no difference from every institution in Papua,” said Musa’ad.

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Musa’ad appealed that every data be consolidated before being exposed, so as not to confuse the public, and avoid habituation in the planning or implementation of buildings.

“Data centers in Papua are still limited, only a few districts / cities already have data centers, such as in Merauke many do not have data centers,” he explained.

He hopes that through this coordination meeting each district or city can have a data forum involving BPS, Regional Government, TNI-Polri and so on. “Thus, the exposed data will be consolidated so that it will not confuse the public,” said Musa’ad.

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