Octavia, A Young Agripreneur with Billions of Rupiah from Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The CEO who is also a student of Animal Husbandry Semester V at the Manokwari Agricultural Development Polytechnic (Polbangtan), West Papua, together with fellow students, namely Saputri Anjar Wati, Muhammad Nasrul, Agus Suprianto, Nurul Syaifuddin and Yason Manggaprow, Octavia Sri Handayani founded Broiler Chicken Farming Business under the name Utami Super Broiler (USB) in 2017. With a capital of Rp. 15 million of assistance from the PWMP program of the Ministry of Agriculture, they built a cage on their campus at the Manokwari Polbangtan area.

 Millennial young men and women joined in USB had opportunities from the Young Agricultural Entrepreneur Growth Program (PWMP), which is a new program from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Human Resources Counseling and Development Agency (BPPSDMP) in order to produce educated agricultural human resources and to encourage students to be agripreneur.

By building cages and buying broiler chickens from Surabaya and Makassar, they started a farm business with 100 chickens. A month later they started the early harvest and moved to market their livestock products.

From the selling of broiler chickens of their premier harvest, they got a net profit of Rp.2, 700,000. They reinvested results and profits of the selling by buying broiler chickens for breeding. With hard work and militant tenacity, the chicken farming business of Utami Super Broiler is getting shinier. The amount of profit earned is more increasing.

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According to Octavia, the growth rate of their livestock business is increasing rapidly because they are able to creatively adopt effective and efficient marketing models and to use the existing digital technology developments. “We apply a marketing model via social media and also directly offer our products door-to-door. From house to house, ”said Oktavia in Manokwari, West Papua.

With such good business prospects, some investors have started to tak into account their businesses. Not half-hearted, only a few months later, an investor invited them to work together and invest in their business. The amount of investment invested is so large namely Rp.1 billion.

“With the such much capital, we then developed the business by building a bigger cage in Pak Ery’s land (investor-ed). The larger cage can accommodate 12,000 chickens with the production sharing of 60-40%. 60% for investors and 40% for USB. This cooperation has been going on for a year,” said Octavia.

The profits resulted in this cooperation are really tantalizing. For one year, their livestock business has been able to reap a net profit of around 300 million per year.

 The story about the success of the livestock business by Octavia and her friends is able to prove that the world of agriculture is such a strategic field to achieve prosperity in the future. There is a large opportunity for the sake of  the birth of young billionaire agripreneur candidates  and the commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture under the  Andi Amran Sulaiman’s leadership to continually produce a new generation of modern farmers should be appreciated.

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