Note! Wings Air Serves the Papuan Province Routes: Timika-Asmat-Marauke – Wings Air has carried out a proving flight on Tuesday (10/8) serving routes within the Papua Province area from International Airport of Mozes Kilangin, Timika, Mimika (TIM) to Ewer Airport of Bismam, Agats, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua (EWE).

In the proving flight, Wings Air brought three cockpit crew, two cabin crew, namely one flight operation officer (FOO), one technician. The total travel time for one way is around 60 minutes.

On that flight, Wings Air operated a fleet of ATR 72-600 type  with registration PK-WJL.The blastoff plane with  flight number IW-2604 from Mozes Kilangin International Airport at 09.20 WIT (East Indonesia Time, GMT+09) and arrived on the Ewer Airport. at 10.20 WIT.

As for the return flight, Wings Air departed from Ewer Airport using flight number IW-2605 at 12.00 WIT and landed smoothly at Mozes Kilangin International Airport at 13.00 WIT.

Corporate Communications Strategic of Wings Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro said the main purpose of proving flights is as a strategic step for the company in an effort to conduct market assessments and potential scheduled flight services or the evaluation routes.

In the near future Wings Air will start to serve passanger flight for regular scheduled on the Timika – Asmat – Merauke – Asmat – Timika round trip (PP) route. “There is great hope that the mentioned flight service can operate as planned by the company as well as domestic market demand, especially intra-Papua,” he continued.

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Wings Air is optimistic that it can provide the option of traveling by plane in a relatively short, effective and affordable time, especially for passengers from Mimika Regency, Asmat Regency and other surrounding areas.

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