Not only Lovely Scenery, Papua also has Delicious Foods – The Earth of Cenderawasih in the eastern part of Indonesia indeed has its own magnetic force for tourists. In fact, it is not only the natural wealth that is charming, but also the culinary.

You’d indefinitely be wrong if you thought there was only Papeda here. Various other foods that are no less unique to Papeda and also no less delicious with food in other areas are also here.

Here are some recommendations for delicious culinaries in Papua that you should try.

1. Fried Duck

Don’t think that duck dishes are only available on the Java Island. Andrie Restaurant located on Jalan Raya Sentani, Jayapura also has delicious fried duck. It is located close to the Technical Faculty of Cenderawasih University (Uncen).

In this restaurant, you will be served fresh vegetables. There is a duck, chicken, and fish, completed with tofu, tempeh, and fresh vegetables. If the fresh vegetables you eat usually consist of lettuce leaves, you can say that it is quite unique, namely basil, boiled cassava leaves, boiled papaya leaves, and boiled long beans.

2. Pinang Kapur Sirih (Areca Nut)

It’s not complete if you haven’t tried the areca nut whiting which is available almost along the road to the Jayapura Mayor’s Office. The betel nut is not difficult to find in Papua because many people consume it as a snack.

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No wonder, at some point on the street often found a speck of red stains from the chewed betel nut.

Areca nut can be eaten directly or peeled for the seeds. After that, the betel nut is chewed while preparing the betel (sirih) leave which is smeared with lime to be chewed along with the areca nut.

3. Pilos Coffee, Noodles and Chicken Porridge

A modern coffee shop has been in Jayapura City, precisely at the Jalan Pacific Permai shops.

The taste, this coffee shop was built for immigrants who are not used to the typical taste of Papua which is rich in spices and savory.

It’s atmosphere is also typical of contemporary cafes increasing in Bandung-Jakarta with a minimalist concept.

4. Red Snapper Papeda

A typical Papuan menu, Red Snapper Papeda is one that should not be missed when you stop by in Papua.

Papeda is food in the form of sago porridge, served with fish such as snapper, tuna, cob, or grouper. Fish is usually served by boiling with turmeric and tomatoes, some residents also add chili to make it spicy.

Taking Papeda also requires a technique, usually using a special spoon made of wood so that the Papeda sticks and is easily removed on the plate.

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