Not Only Athletes Potential, PON XX Also Improves Economy of Papua – A Head of Regional Sports Division of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Asis Ariyanto said that the implementation of the  PON XX Papua is not only aimed for creating quality athletes around the country.

More than that, PON XX Papua is intended as a means to improve people’s welfare and efforts to overcome security disturbances.

He said that Papua is one of the provinces that often donates athletes faighting for Indonesia at in the international level. But nowadays the potential of athletes from Papua is increasingly closed due to security disturbances.

Therefore, one of the efforts to explore the potential of Papuan talent is to organize PON XX in Papua.

“From PON the description of hidden talents, the coaching will be improved. It is even better to prepare for competitions. Athletes continue to practice,” said Ariyanto in a discussion on the Security of the XX Papua National Honorary PON, Saturday (2/10/2021).

It’s not just about athlete potential. The government on the other hand is also trying to create a Sport Tourism in Papua. Ariyanto considered that Papua has the criteria to become a Sports Tourism area, regarding that Papua has many beautiful scenery.

Through the Sport Tourism, it is expected that Papua can improve the social and economic conditions of the community.

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“We support each other, we can develop sports and tourism. We are developing the Sport Tourism. How it is not only sports but tourism,” he said.

Ariyanto, who has been in Papua for several days, said that the security of the XX PON is guaranteed. Where the situation is conducive for athletes to compete.

Meanwhile, Hendi S Chaniago from Pandawa Nusantara, appreciated the implementation of the  PON XX Papua. He explained that the national and international world would see the potential in Papua.

“The success of the PON, the economic impact will be present. From an economic perspective as well as a promotional event for all Indonesian and international people. Papua is a beautiful land, not only Raja Ampat, but the entire exotic land of Papua,” said Hendi.

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