Next year, ASDP Will Start Operating Water Buses in West Papua – The  Provincial Government of West Papua and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) are cooperating for  operation of the Roro Water Bus [Bus Air Roro] in the West Papua region to support transportation connectivity in Eastern Indonesia, which will begin to be built in 2022.

A President Director of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero), Ira Puspadewi, said that in the budget periode of 2022, 3 units of Roro Water Buses will be built as a part of increasing Regional Connectivity for Inclusive Development in the region of Papua 2022.

Ira detailed the operation plan, namely the Roro Water Bus I of Manokwari Regency Base, with the route: Manokwari (Manokwari Regency) – Mansinam Island (Manokwari Regency)-Oransbari (South Manokwari Regency) – Ransiki (South Manokwari Regency)-Momi/Momiwaren (Selatan Manokwari Regency)-Mome/Mameh (Selatan Manokwari Regency)-Yemberiki/Rumberpon (Wondama Bay Regency).

Next, the  II Roro Water Bus of  Wondama Bay Regency base, with the following routes: Wasior (Wondama Bay Regency) – Yop Island (Wondama Bay Regency) – Roon Island (Wondama Bay Regency) – Windesi (Wondama Bay Regency) – Karuani / Sabubar (Gulf Regency) Wondama) – Yende (Wondama Bay District) – Nordiwar/Rumberpon (Wondama Bay District)- Koprus/SoughWepu (Wondama Bay District) -Mome/Mameh (South Manokwari District).

In addition, the Roro III Water Bus Pangkalan Raja Ampat Regency, with routes: Waisai (Raja Ampat Regency) – Arefi (Raja Ampat Regency) – Gun Island (Raja Ampat Regency) – Waiwo (Raja Ampat Regency) – Yefman Island (Raja Ampat Regency) – SOP Island (Sorong City) – Doom Island (Sorong City) –Sorong (Sorong City).

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“The plan of the cooperation agreement for the management of the three ships of water bus with PT ASDP is for a minimum period of three years and can be extended,” he said through a press release, Thursday (9/9/2021).

He also positively welcomed and fully supported the ASDP cooperation plan with the West Papua Provincial Government in providing roro water bus transportation facilities in the West Papua region. ASDP continues to strive to strengthen crossing connectivity in both the western and eastern regions of Indonesia as a link between islands and spur regional development.

Meanwhile, the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, expressed his appreciation to ASDP for responding positively and supporting the establishment of roro water bus operational cooperation in the West Papua region. He hopes to support the availability of adequate accessibility for the community, and of course it will bring progress in transportation in West Papua. ASDP currently serves 35 ports under 29 branch offices, serving this country’s transportation by operating more than 200 ships connecting 272 routes.

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