Musawir, Black Coffee, and Pioneer of Coffee Shops in Timika – Musawir is arguably a pioneer of coffee shop founders in Timika. Previously, Black Coffee, his coffee shop, was in the heart of Timika, but now he entertains travelers on the porch of his house.

Musawir, 48, has been interested in opening a coffee shop in Timika since he was an employee of PT Freeport Indonesia. The choice was firmly carried out after he was laid off in 2013.

He didn’t immediately open a coffee shop, he took a break while still actively hunting for Papuan coffee. It was only four years later, with his partner Hery, that he established Black Coffee. The location is on Jl Ahmad Yani, one of the busiest roads in Timika, Mimika, Papua.

Even though being a pioneer in opening a Papuan coffee shop in Timika, Musawir is reluctant to be called the first.

As an employee of PT Freeport Indonesia, Musawir understands very well that many gold mining employees, who come from various regions, not even a few expatriates, are looking for coffee shops that provide Papuan coffee.

The Black Coffee coffee shop received a positive response from customers. Moreover, Musawir made the coffee shop a place that never closed. Open to anyone. Whether you want coffee or learn brewing. He also accepts those who roast coffee beans.

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In addition, Musawir was challenged to bring coffee beans from various regions in Papua. All this time, he relied on acquaintances to connect with coffee farmers in the mountains. Musawir said that the easiest Papuan coffee beans to get was Wamena coffee, out of that it was more difficult. Starting from Walesi, Pyramid, and Kubima.

Yes, getting Papuan coffee is not an easy matter. Arabica coffee plantations are usually located in the mountains where access is difficult. The gardens are in an area that can only be reached by plane or helicopter. Usually renting a plane can reach Rp 40 to 50 million. Not to mention the weather and security issues. The airport is often open and closed.

Long by long, Musawir’s Black Coffee coffee shop has a community. As time goes by, the customers are getting more and more.

Musawir was confident to move the shop to a house located in an alley. Gambling has no effect on the number of customers. Until now, the Black Coffee coffee shop is still full of visitors.

Musawir is not alone now. In the Coffee Festival which was held at the Old Market, Timika along with the Papua National Sports Week, there were a number of coffee shop owners who introduced their shop.

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