MUI Papua Reminds that Idul Adha Prayers to Maintain Health Protocols – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Papua Province hopes that the implementation of the Eid al-Adha prayer on 10 Zulhijah 1442 H/2021 AD remains to continue to prioritize strict Covid-19 health protocols (prokes).

The chairman of the Papua Province MUI, Syaiful Al Payage, in Jayapura, Monday (12/7), said his organization remained to be flexible to the current situation in each district and city.

“If one area has a very high number of positive cases of Covid-19, then it is better to pray at home and not have to go to the mosque or in the field by gathering a lot of people,” he said.

According to Syaiful Al Payage, if an area of ​​​​Covid-19 cases is low and is a safe zone, Eid al-Adha prayers can be held.

“I specifically appeal to the Papua region that it can be carried out while maintaining health protocols, namely first, it is hoped that places of worship should not be overcrowded, it must be limited, how many percent of the mosque’s capacity,” he said.

He explained that if they would like to to pray, all worshipers were kept at a distance, the important thing was not to touch and health protocols were put forward.

“The MUI has conducted a meeting related to the implementation of prayers and we see that in Papua it can be carried out but with strict health protocols,” he said.

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Likewise, with the implementation of the slaughter of sacrificial animals, there should be no people standing in line, so that later the focus will be on several delivery points so as not to cause mass concentration.

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