Muhammadiyah University of Papua: We Educate Papuan Children – Muhammadiyah University of Papua is committed to optimally support education in Cenderawasih Earth in accordance with its vision of being an eminent, cultured and eco-friendly university.

Deputy Rector I for Academic Affairs at the Muhammadiyah University of Papua, Indah Sulistiani, said that this support was provided via a higher quality education, research and community service process, as well as student activities.

“Besides, we also adjust the curriculum with government programs so as to improve the quality of education,” he said.

According to Indah, his party will adapt and adjust the curriculum with the government’s vision and mission so that the expected results can be realized.

“Regarding to local wisdom in Papua, this is one of the cultural factors that are maintained,” he said.

He explained that his party is trying to accommodate all circles of society so that the goal of improvement in education can be achieved.

“Almost 90 percent of our students are native Papuans, so this is something to be proud of in the existing pluralism,” he said again.

dded that his party expects that the world of education in Papua can continually develop with a lot of support from various parties.

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