Muhammadiyah and PBNU Supports a Labeling of Terrorist for KKB of Papua

Muhammadiyah and PBNU Supports a Labeling of Terrorist for KKB of Papua – PP Muhammadiyah General Secretary Abdul Mu’ti supports the labeling of the Papua Armed Criminal Group (KKB) as a terrorist group.

“The term terrorist is more appropriate than KKB,” said Abdul Tuesday (27/4).

Abdul assesses that the activities of KKB have been distressing the Papuan people. Moreover, KKB has the goal of establishing its own state and separating itself from the Republic of Indonesia.

“According to the Terrorism Law, what the KKB has done can be categorized as terrorism,” he said.

He said that with this labeling, terrorists would no longer be perceived as only related to certain religions.

“The mention of the KKB as a terrorist also shows that terrorists and terrorism are not only related to certain religions, as the public has comprehended,” said Abdul.

Likewise, the Chairman of the PBNU Marsudi Suhud also supported if the KKB of Papua was categorized as either a terrorist or a rebel. Because, in the end, these groups both intend to fight and become enemies of the state.

“Whatever the name, whether it is terrorist, whther it is a rebel, or something related to it, all of them are called enemies of the state. When it is called a rebel or terrorist, the meaning is an enemy of the state,” said.

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Marsudi subsequently questioned the state’s venture to fight and stop the Papuan KKB group if it had been labeled a terrorist. In his view, so far the country has had two approaches that have been used by previous presidents.

First, Marsudi said that the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia Abdurahman Wahid often used a strategy of humanism or dialogue to eradicate violent groups in Papua during his tenure. Meanwhile, the second strategy, was settlement through the approach of violence which was often undertaken under the New Order regime.

“Right now, the KKB keeps on appearing. Keep carrying the rifle too. Whatever the name, something importance is how we try to overcome it. This is the way to solve it, we can use a harsh approach Suharto used or a humanistic approach Gus Dur practiced, or something else,” he said.

Previously, the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) labeled the KKB as a terrorist group. BIN considers that the KKB act of attacking civilians can be categorized as a terror assault.

On the other hand, the West Papua National Army-Free Papua Organization (TPNPB-OPM) rejects to be labeled a terrorist group. TPNPB-OPM believes that the actions undertaken in Cenderawasih Earth so far are right. Komnas HAM reminded BIN to be careful in labeling the KKB of Papua as a Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST).

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