MSMEs Expect a Lot of Buyers at Papua National Park – Expectation of a number of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at the XVI Papua National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) were a lot of buyers like at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON).

 The hope of the t-shirt sellers of various designs related to Peparnas along the highway around the area of ​​the Lukas Enambe Stadium, Sentani, Jayapura Regency, is full of buyers as in the previous XX Papua PON.

            “Our hope is the same at the Peparnas Papua 2021 event, there will be many buyers like the last XX PON,” said one of the t-shirt sellers from Medan, Tri, when met on Sunday (11/7/2021).

            Tri admitted, during PON, his merchandise was selling well and could generate a turnover of more than Rp. 1 million per day. Most of the buyers are regional contingents and Papuan audiences.

However, Tri continued, T-shirt sales since the third day of Peparnas have been quiet and there are not many buyers. He admitted, on the third day of this event, there were buyers, but just one to five buyers could count.

 “Hopefully, on the next day of the Peparnas event, there will be many buyers, considering that it will still last until May 15, 2021,” Tri hoped.

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            Tri together with other traders have high hopes that this Peparnas event can be crowded by buyers until the closing day.

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