Mother Kromsiam, a Trader of Matoa and Durian in Jayapura Getting Sustenance Thanks to XX PON – The XX National Sports Week event in Papua not only provides blessings to the people around the venue. The traders of matoa and durian fruit in Jayapura Regency also get the windfall.

Mother [Mama] Kromsiam, for example, is one of the tarders for matoa and durian fruit coming from the Depapre District, Jayapura Regency, who sets her stall around the STT GIDI Sports Building, Sentani.

The matoa and durian fruits sold during the XX PON are selling well by buyers. These fruits are mostly chased and bought by contingents from outside Papua.

“There are also buyers from our community here, most of whom have become my customers. Yet,the most recent ones who come to buy fruit are athletes from outside Papua,” said Mama Kromsiam when met on Monday, October 11, 2021.

The matoa fruit sold by Mama Kromsiam ranges from Rp. 50 thousand per kilo, while 1 large durian is priced at Rp. 100 thousand, while the medium durian is priced at Rp. 50 thousand.

“Well, if they buy in large quantities, Mama usually gives a bonus, if matoa, it usually be added, Mama will add a lot, if for durian, Mama will add a bonus of 1 small durian,” said Mama Kromsiam while explaining the bonus for purchases of more than Rp. 150 thousand.

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The matoa and durian fruits that Mama Kromsiam sells are coming from her garden at the Depapre District. The profit from the sale are made use to finance the schooling of their children as well as to fulfilll their daily needs.

By such spirit, Mama Kromsiam was tireless. To get to Sentani City, Jayapura Regency, she takes public transportation and has to spend quite a bit of money to carry her merchandises, but it is worth the income reaching Rp. 2 million per day.

The one of UMKM members of the Jayapura Regency admitted that she not only sells at PON XX venues but also targets crowded places, such as in Abepura to Base-G Beach, Jayapura City.

“So traders also have to be smart, don’t want to lose to others. This PON is a good chance.  If we are not smart, we will miss it,” said Mama Kromsiam.

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