Minister of Social Affairs Risma Distributes Rp3.7 Billion Aid for People in Papua – There is no word of pause or rest for the Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos), Tri Rismaharini. After following the busy 2021 commemoration of Heroes’ Day procession ranging from the morning to evening, last night, Risma immediately left for Papua.

Flying for 5 hours, this morning (11/11/2021) at around 06.00 WIT, Risma and a limited group have landed at Mozes Kilangin Airport, Timika. From Mozes Kilangin Airport, Risma flew to Komur Airport, Agats, Asmat Regency. Here, the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs was welcomed by the Regent of Asmat Elisa Kambu, traditional leaders, community leaders, Bishop Agats Mgr. Aloysius Murwito, and the local community.

Descending from the plane stairs, Risma and a limited group were greeted by the Tobe Dance, a typical dance of the Asmat Tribe. Tobe dance is presented to welcome guests as a form of respect. One of the dancers then draped the Noken to Risma.

From Kasuari Harbor, Risma and her entourage took a speedboat which took 30 minutes to Erosaman Village, Der Komour District, Asmat Regency.

Here, Risma held a limited meeting, with the general topic of various efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people, especially the Asmat Regency.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also distributed assistance to Agats Diocese, namely 5 kiosk units and their contents in the form of basic needs along with distribution of goods, magnetic generators and computers for each kiosk in 5 locations. Those assistances are also in the form of 10 laying hens farms, 3 longboat boats and honorarium for 6 local assistants for 3 years.

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Then, assistance for handling extreme poverty was rolled out for 23 KAT groups in the form of vegetable farming and hydroponic crops. The social empowerment program was carried out by involving cross-sectoral participation, as well as donations in the form of books, crayons and globes in collaboration with PT Gramedia Asri Media to complete the library in the community center.

Through the socio-economic strengthening program and sustainable empowerment, it is expected that it can increase the competitiveness and independence of the people in Asmat Regency as well as encourage the recovery of conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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