Merauke Regent Inaugurates 40 Village Heads – A Merauke Regent, Romanus Mbaraka finally inaugurated 40 village heads from 14 districts in Merauke Regency, Papua, on Thursday 13 January 2022.

In his speech, Romanus reminded a series of important tasks that must be conducted by the village head. As for the important tasks, first, it is mandatory to carry out a good budget planning in accordance with the needs of village development.

Second, Romanus asked the village heads to strengthen administration of population. “The village head has autonomy in village financing and each village has the right to manage finances. This financial plan must be well planned, well communicated with the village empowerment agency,” said Romanus.

In managing village funds, continued Romanus, the village head must coordinate with the police and the Koramil including working together so that activities can run well. “The plan is made well, later I will monitor the plan,” he said.

In addition to warning about village budget planning, Romanus also emphasized to village heads to improve population administration, especially Identity Cards (KTP), Family Cards (KK) and others.

“The issue of population administration is now important, at least the community has a national ID card. This issue must be the concern of the village heads.

On that occasion, Romanus also mentioned the irregularity in the performance of the village heads in his area, for example, the presence of the village heads in the city when the village funds are disbursed. “There is a phenomenon when the village funds are disbursed, the village head tends to linger in the city,” he said.

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Before closing the mandate, Romanus again reminded the village head to reduce loans to third parties with interest. “Be careful, because what you are managing is public fund. So, I remind you to work well for the benefit of the little people,” he said.

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