Mei Osok, a Germany Graduate Papuan Girl, Drives a Literacy – Who said that young Papuans did not participate in building Indonesia? There are tens or even hundreds of young people from Papua inspiring to many people. One of them is Mei Osok who works in silence and builds to improve the welfare of other Papuan people. Mei became a literacy mover among indigenous Papuan children in Sorong City.

The girl who has a sweet smile had studied in Germany and returned to Indonesia, to contribute in developing the Land of Papua, especially among the Moi Tribe. Mei founded a reading house, Keik Tsinagi, which in the local language means House of Blessing. Mei was inspired by the story of her mother who built a simple hut, where Mei and her brothers and sisters lived. The simple house then became a gathering place for many local people to eat and became a place of refuge when in need.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Mei became an educator and promoter of education and literacy. Mei does not work alone, together with other youths, Mei campaigns to increase interest in reading and learning for indigenous Papuan children. Assisted by her mentor, Dayu Rifanto, Mei together with other youths in Sorong City established a community to promote literacy improvement in Sorong and its surroundings, called the Literacy Forum of Sorong Raya.

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This forum consists of hundreds of young people from Sorong City who actively contribute to improving the quality of education. The Sorong Raya Literacy Forum always holds training as an encouragement to increase the active participation of Papuan youth and women, to participate in educating their younger siblings, so that they are willing to continue learning, especially increasing interest in reading.

 “My goal is only one, steadily improve literacy and become a reliable educator. This is the main key to advance the welfare of the Papuan people,” explained Mei.

Mei believes that education is one way to change the world. She even continues to remind Papuan youths to continue their education to a high level and graduate with the best grades. May’s goal is only one, to continue to encourage the active participation of youth to build the land of Papua with talents, skills, and innovations that can be continuously developed.

The founders and movers of Inspirational Young Papua come from various different fields, ranging from a robotics expert in Washington DC United States, Researcher of renewable energy in the UK, Director of a Social Enterprise, youtuber and influencer, Pilot, Artist, and linguist and culture, as well as a range of other professions. All of them are indigenous Papuan youths who come from different tribes in 7 customary areas in Papua.

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