Manokwari Local Government Encourages the Role of DWP in Reducing Stunting Rates – The Local Government of Manokwari Regency encourages the active role of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) to assist in reducing of stunting rates in the region.

This was conveyed by Assistant III of the Manokwari Regional Secretariat, Merciana Djalimun in his remarks at the inauguration of the Manokwari DWP Management at the West Papua PWKI DPD Auditorium, Wednesday 24 November 2021.

“I believe that by the active role and collaboration of all women’s organizations with the government, community elements and stakeholders, we can overcome the stunting problem in Manokwari,” said Merciana.

According to Merciana, one concrete and simple effort can be made by DWP management through improving the welfare of mothers and children by means of the Posyandu Program.

“Until now, the focus of the regional government is efforts to develop the quality of life for women and children. Of course, there will be improvements in the nutrition of mothers and children in terms of providing food that is in accordance with balanced nutrition guidelines,” she said.

Merciana said that the Posyandu Program can also monitor the routine growth of children through measuring children’s weight, height and head circumference which is an early detection of children with “Chronic Malnutrition” to stunting.

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He hopes that the inauguration of the DWP administrator is the start and the right momentum for the management to make Manokwari Regency a better direction.

This is in line with the DWP’s goal to realize the welfare of members and families by means of improving the quality of member resources to support the achievement of national goals based on the 1945 Constitution.

“This noble task is of course the duty of the DWP management to continue to motivate and to guide its members so that they are more efficient in carrying out the duties and functions of the organization,” she said.

It is known that the inauguration of the Chairperson of the DWP Manokwari, Surjani Sembiring, was led by the Chairperson of the DWP for West Papua, Sulastri Mandacan, at the Auditorum of the DPD PWKI West Papua.

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