Mandacan Governor Builds Pondok Pinang to Improve the Welfare of indigenous Mama of West Papua – A West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan steadily encourage the improvement of the welfare of indigenous Papuan mothers [Mama] in West Papua.

“Governor Mandacan is concerned with improving the welfare of indigenous Papuan mothers through the micro-enterprise sector,” said Head of Social Empowerment at the West Papua Social Service Marthen L. Tirony as quoted from the Oridek Youtube channel, Friday (30/7).

Marthen emphasized that one of the clear evidences of the leadership of the Governor of Mandacan is to build the Pondok Pinang as a place to sell areca nut for native Papuan mothers.

He said that currently more than 200 areca nut cottages have been running. Marthen explained that this year he will build 60 more Pondok Pinang in Sorong, then 5 in Teluk Wondama Regency, and 11 in Sarinah Manokwari have been completed. According to Marthen, to provide Pondok Pinang for native Papuan mothers, the Governor of Mandacan allocated quite a large amount of funds through the allocation of Papua Special Autonomy funds.

He revealed that his institution would do comparative study in Kuningan, West Java. In addition, Dinsos PB will cooperate with a number of universities in Papua to provide business assistance for native Papuans, such as making business legalities and making bookkeeping.

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“This program (construction of pinang huts for native mothers in Papua) must be imitated and seen by many people,” said Marthen L Tirony.

Marthen added that the Governor of Mandacan was very supportive of this program by spending a large amount of money. “This program is for the welfare of native Papuan mothers and is hereditary,” said Marthen.

According to Marthen, Mama who are active in business will receive capital for business. He reminded that Pondok Pinang should not be traded and must be maintained properly. “You can’t leave this place of business. If left within one week, there is no business activity, it will be replaced with someone else, “said Marthen.

Marthen also said that his party is cooperating with a bank in Manokwari.

“The business capital will be prepared. The funds will be transferred directly to their accounts,” said Marthen, adding that he would monitor the use of these funds.

One of the native mothers of Papua, Dorkas Mhargarouw, thanked the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, for building this Pondok Pinang. “We hope that the government will give assistance of the business capital and also form a special cooperative for native mothers of Papua,” said Dorkas, who has been trading areca nut for a long time.

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