Mama Yoku: Earnings Gets Doubled During PON Papua – Barnabas Youwe Stadium, located in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, was used as one of the locations for the National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua, especially the men’s soccer sport.

Not only that, in the stadium yard, PB PON also made a large room that was used as media of activites for id card activation and athletes who would compete.

The PON event at the Barnabas Stadium also had a positive impact for local residents. One of them, Hendrika Yoku or who is familiarly called Mama Yoku. Mama Yoku admitted that she was very happy that PON can be held in her homeland.

Mama Yoku, who used to only sell areca nut and retail gasoline at her modest shop, is now learning to sell ready-to-eat drinks and other snacks to fulfil the needs of visitors, volunteers and security guards. As a result, she said her daily income almost being doubled.

“Yes, yesterday I sold betel nut and gasoline, but when there was a PON, many asking for coffee, asking for drinks. So I learned to sell other things, I just sell drinks like juice and sell bananas too,” said Mama Yoku.

“It is now being able to get a lot of money a day, 700-900 thousand. Ordinary days, if there is no PON, only 200 thousand, “she explained.

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Mama Yoku’s humble tavern is right in front of the side gate of Barnabas Youwe Stadium. The location is very strategic because the buses carrying the contingent will pass in front of the shop.

Not only that, a simple shop equipped with long wooden benches also makes buyers feel comfortable, even if they are just enjoying coffee. In addition to benefiting from the selling, a plot of land next to the shop is also used as a parking area, Rp. 10 thousand for cars, Rp. 5 thousand for motorbikes.

“Yes, we also have a parking area. Yes, from the parking next to the church it can be 400 thousand a day, if it is on the right there it can be 800 thousand, “said the woman who has five grandchildren.

Mama Yoku feels very grateful that the presence of PON, as it can improve her economy. She also hopes that after PON, Barnabas Youwe Stadium can be used by holding other events.

“Yes, I hope that after this event, there will be more activities. But I thank the government for holding the PON here, thank you to the President (Joko Widodo) who pays attention to the Papuan people,” she said.

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