Mahfud MD: The Governor-Deputy Governor is Obligatory of Indigenous Papuans -The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated that the governor and deputy governor in the easternmost region of Indonesia must be native Papuans.

According to Mahfud, this is an effort of the government to prioritize a number of welfare approaches with various special policies provided to indigenous Papuan people.

“First, the Governor and Deputy Governor must be native Papuans,” Mahfud said in a press conference at his office, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/5).

Mahfud said that such a policy could not be found in other parts of Indonesia apart from Papua. In addition, he said, there were a number of parliamentary positions which were confirmed to belong to indigenous Papuans.

According to Mahfud, that was reflected in the 25 percent quota in Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Papua that belonged to native people of the region.

“That’s an affirmation, it means that if there is an election, and a native Papuan loses, then the loser is raised,” he added.

According to Mahfud, this peaceful approach is still being carried out by the government in the Papua region. It’s just that, recently a handful of groups spreading terror in the Papua region have often unleashes attacks.

So, he said, the government must also take legal steps to take action against them.

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This also underlies the designation of a number of these groups as terrorists.

“We will hunt down terrorists. It is not Papuan organizations, but Papuans carrying out terror. By name, there are names, not just any Papuan people,” he said.

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