LIPI Observer Reveals that the Papuan KKB Weapons Come from the Philippines – Australia – The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) revealed the source of the firearms currently used by the KKB and OPM terrorist groups in Papua and West Papua.

LIPI Senior Researcher Hermawan Sulistyo said that KKB and OPM had several sources to have firearms and ammunition. First, according to Hermawan, the firearms were gained from an open international black market.

“Then secondly, they got it from certain parties abroad, especially in the Southern Philippines, there were also bombs, TNT and organic weapons from the police and soldiers of the Southern Philippines,” he said in a statement quoted on Monday (11/25/2021) .

Then, other sources of KKB and OPM firearms also came from Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). For him, the two countries often send firearms to the separatists.

“Finally, they got the firearms from the raid on the TNI and Polri posts,” he said.

Hermawan said that usually the OPM and KKB ensure the presence or absence of firearms at the TNI and Polri posts. After it was confirmed that the firearms exist, then the KKB and OPM raided the TNI and Polri posts.

“So if they attack, what is certain is whether there are weapons or not. If the ammunition is easy, the important thing for them is that the weapons are seized first,” he said.

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