LinkAja-BI Introduces Non-Cash Payments for Papuan Indigenous Traders – A total of 20 native Papuan traders at Hamadi Market, Jayapura City received a stall table from the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Papua Province in collaboration with LinkAja.

The distribution of stall tables was carried out in the courtyard area of ​​the Hamadi Village Head Office. In addition to stall tables, the traders were also given assistance in the form of selling drinks, such as ice thermos and orange squeezer, as well as other instant packaged drinks.

The representative of Fintek Karya Nusantara/LinkAja, Abdul Kadir, said that on this occasion, non-cash payment technology was also introduced through QRIS and LinkAja e-money in the MSME segment of native Papuan traders.

“With this socialization, native Papuan traders can be educated and accustomed to non-cash payments, so they don’t be out of date of the current advances in payment technology,” he explained, Tuesday, December 28, 2021.

The distribution of aid was attended by Hamadi Village staff, Linda Yom, Hamadi RT Chair, Syamsuddin and O& Hamadi RW Head, Beatrix Abidondifu.

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