Liking to Hunt Crocodiles, the Bauzi Tribe Has a Unique Way to Tame Pigs –  The Bauzi tribe in Papua is known as a hunter of crocodile. They turned out to also be able to tame wild pigs.  Even the way is unique. How is the story?

The Bauzi tribe living in isolated forests in the hinterland of the Mamberamo River or around Lake Bira, Mamberamo Raya, Papua, still recognizes the tradition of hunting in the forest.

Hunting is an activity for men’s intimacy from a long time ago. The men of the Bauzi tribe are so happy to tell and repeat their hunting stories when they return to home.

Hunting is also considered as an activity to exchange knowledge with nature, and learn the habits of animals, as well as physical training to be able to move quickly without making a sound and leaving a trace in the midst of the forest.

Wild boar or wild pig is a favorite game animal as well as the main frightening enemy of the Bauzi tribe. The hunters usually carry the porks they hunt on their backs.

They would cut and gut the wild boar they catch to make it easier to carry. But if it was close enough to his village, they would take him in an intact condition.

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Pigs are clever animals as well as great reminders. Wild animals usually only attack when threatened, but pig are different. If it gets  injured by the hunter, and succeed to escape, then  it would remember the hunter.

On one occasion, when they meet again in the midst of the forest, the pig and his gang would go berserk, run fast and attack with their fangs.

To avoid attack by wild pigs, the hunters of the Bauzi tribe would usually save themselves by climbing trees or jumping into rivers.

The Bauzi tribe living on the edge of the forest, traditionally can tame wild boars. So that he is not afraid to walk alone in the middle of the forest.

In order to tame the piglet, they would hug it tightly for three whole days, without even letting go. They caressed a little pig’s belly (a pig’s favorite body part), fed him and even slept with him.

After passing this period, the piglet is  released into the wild. This method keeps the piglet remembering the Bauzi tribe.

From then onwards, the piglet will consider that person as his family. This clever animal will still recognize its master. Whoever will be attacked, except the owner.

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Author: Hari Suroto (Papua Archeology Center).

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