Lenius Jikwa, An Inspiring Figure of Pig Breeders from Timika

goodmorningpapua.com. – “Hard work will not betray the results” This ancient proverb for some people may only be a figment, but not for the family of Lenius Jikwa, a pig breeder at the Kyamki Narama area of ​​Mimika Regency.

At the beginning, Lenius only had one pair of pigs given by Binmas pioneers at the Mimika area through the National Police’s Binmas Noken program.

However, with Lenius’ hard work, the two pigs at the present have been breeding 47.

Lenius admitted that when he received a pair of pigs from the National Police’s Binmas Noken program, he and his wife were earnest for developing a pig farming business for the future of their family.

From the results of pigs breeding, Lenius confessed that he can pay for his children to go to school up to the university level.

“These pigs can also fulfill our family’s needs,” said Lenius.

He also hopes that the National Police’s Binmas Noken program can be continued, not only in the pig farming but also in other fields such as agriculture and fisheries.

 “I never thought that a pair of pigs I gave to Lenius had been now becoming 47 heads,” This is beyond my imagination,” said the Papua Police Deputy being amazed by Lenius’ hard work.

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The Deputy Chief of Police admitted that at that time what he was doing as an agenda of a Community Development at the Mimika area, turned out to be reaping the satisfactory results, and even influenced the people around Lenius Jikwa’s pig farm.

“Papa, Mama at the same time gave us a valuable lesson, that what was done based on hard work, sincerity and love turned out to be something remarkable, from one pair it is now 47 and among the 47 it is 7 getting already pregnant again,” concluded the Deputy Chief of Police. .

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