Lenis Kagoyo: Papua’s Development Is Getting Faster and Progressive

goodmorningpapua.com – A President Jokowi’s Special Staff, Lenis Kogoya, stated that the development of the land of Papua is now increasing rapidly. He explained that the roads in the inland villages of Papua are now accessible. “The difference is now very far, nowadays Papua has been clean,” said Lenis at the “For you, the Land of Papua” festival in Yogyakarta, quoted on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Lenis said the implementation of PON XX also proves that Papua is capable of organizing a national grand event, successful in the context of organizers and athletes’ achievements.

“PON XX demonstrates that early we were considered incompetent, but we can succeed as organizers and achievements. Papuan people are now growing to develop the land of Papua. Indigenous peoples in Papua are also more peaceful in welcoming a prosperous future,” he continued.

Lenis also wish that in the future Papua will become a prominent and progressive province. He invited the Papuan people to be optimistic about building the land of Papua, accompanied by a spirit of togetherness with all Indonesian people.

In the art festival, Kominfo brought together Papuans in Jayapura City, with residents in Sleman City, Yogyakarta. The activity was held on a hybrid basis, where young Papuan people gathering in Jayapura City greeted each other via virtual with young people in Sleman City, Yogyakarta.

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The Information and Communications Coordinator of Defense and Security of the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Dikdik Sadaka, explained that the activity was aimed for uniting Indonesia’s cultural diversity, eliminating differences and strengthening brotherhood among Indonesian children.

Besides, continued Dikdik, the activity also aims to make Papua feel closer to all Indonesian people, even though it is far in the eastern end of Indonesia. “Papua must be close to our hearts,” said Dikdik again.

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