Length of National Road at Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the road at Papua will reach 21,122.76 km long in 2020. Of this number, 2,636.8 km are national road or state road under the authority of the central government.

            In detail, along 1,554.1 km the type of surface is asphalt, there are 395.3 km long with a flat surface type and there are also 1.9 km with a rigid/concrete surface type.

There are 2,536.26 km long which are provincial roads or are under the authority of the Papua Provincial Government. In detail, there are 1,150.1 km long, with asphalt road surface types, 141.2 km long with rigid/concrete surface types, 955.5 km long with telford/gravel surface types and 289.4 km with soil/unpenetrated surface types.

There are also 15,949.7 km long in Papua which are district/city roads or are under the authority of district/city governments. In detail, there are 3,034.9 km of roads with asphalt surface types, 209.3 km with rigid/concrete surfaces, 3,857.3 km with telford/gravel surfaces, and 8,848.2 km long of roads with soil/unpenetrated surfaces.

The longest road in Papua is in Merauke reaching 2,085.2 km long. Followed by Japapura with a road of 1,194.92 km long and Mappi with a road of 1,170.25 km long. Meanwhile, the district/city with the shortest road is Dogiyai, which is only 275 km long. In addition, there is at Puncak with a road of only 392 km long and in Mamberamo Tengah with a road of only 335.1 km long.

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