KPK Investigates an Alleged Flow of Money for a Church Construction in Papua – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is investigating the alleged flow of funds to a number of parties in the case of the Kingmi Mile 31 church construction project in Mimika Regency, Papua, in 2015. This was confirmed by the KPK from the statement of the former Accounting Section of PT Kuala Persada Papua Nusantara, Adrian.

He was examined as a witness regarding the church building project. The examination of Adrian was carried out on Monday (13/9) at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

“The person concerned was confirmed, among other things, related to the alleged flow of money to parties related to the case,” said an Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9).

However, the KPK has not been able to reveal who the parties involved in the case are. The KPK is still keeping people who are indicated to be involved in corruption in the church construction project a secret.

The KPK had previously summoned several other regional officials regarding this case. However, the KPK has not revealed more details regarding the case.

Ali said that the KPK investigation team is currently still in the stage of collecting evidence, including examining witnesses regarding the case in question. The KPK has also not disclosed in detail the parties who have been named as suspects and the value of corruption occurring in the case.

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“We will certainly convey any developments in this case to the public in a transparent and accountable manner, as mandated by the KPK Law,” said Ali again.

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