Kampung Doyo Lama Papua Has Potency to be a Tourist Destination but Constrained by Signals

goodmorningpapua.com – The Lake Sentani in Papua has a tourist village with natural beauty, local wisdom and archaeological sites, namely Kampung Doyo Lama. Unfortunately, no signal here.

There are two villages becoming the leading tourist destinations on Lake Sentani, namely Abar Village in Ebungfauw District and Doyo Lama Village in Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

Kampung Abar is known to this day with the people steadily existing to make pottery in Papua. In addition, every September 30, the Festival of Eating Papeda in Pottery is always held.

In the festival, visitors eat free Papeda and yellow gravy fish as much as they like, after eating, the pottery can be taken home.

Kampung Doyo Lama is known to have a very Instagramable destination, namely Teletubbies Hill or in Sentani language called Tungkuwiri Hill which means meeting at this place.

In addition, there is also in Doyo Lama Village a Tutari Hill destination with Tutari Megalithic remains. The Tutari Megalithic site is no less Instagramable, because it is located at an altitude with views of Lake Sentani and Sentani City.

Kampung Doyo Lama can be reached in about 15 minutes from Sentani Airport or 10 minutes from the Jayapura Regent’s Office Complex. Meanwhile, Kampung Abar can be reached from Sentani Airport in about 25 minutes.

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However, these two tourist destination villages, even though they are not far from the capital of Jayapura Regency, telecommunication networks are still limited, especially 4G signals.

Abar people for making calls by using whatsapp or checking their social media must go up the hill in the middle of the village, if they make calls using 2G, they can be done from their own homes in the form of houses on stilts above the surface of the lake water.

Likewise with the people of Kampung Doyo Lama. In their house which is on the shores of Lake Sentani there is absolutely no telephone signal. They had to go up to the highlands near Teletubbies Hill or near Tutari Hill.

For this reason, ahead of the PON XX 2021, these two destinations need to improve their internet telecommunication facilities. Moreover, the destination is located not far from the center of government and Sentani Airport.

Usually the millennial generation likes Instagramable places. After taking a selfie or vlogging, it will be uploaded on their social media at that time, so a good 4G network is needed.

Author: Hari Suroto (Papua Archeology Center)

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