Johannes Rettob: Ramadan is a Momentum to Take Care of Tolerance – Vice-Regent of Mimika, Papua Province, Johannes Rettob, asked his people to take care of tolerance and solidarity among inter faith community as long as the Muslims carry out the fasting of Ramadan 1442 Hijriah.

“To all Muslims in Mimika Regency, congratulations on fasting, please make the momentum of this month of Ramadan an occasion to increase worship, to increase faith and devotion to God Almighty and purify the heart,” said John Rettob in Timika, Tuesday.

In order to the implementation of fasting for Muslims in Mimika to be secure and solemn, the support of other religious communities is expected.

Vice-Regent John said that all mosques in the City of Timika and beyond were opened to Muslims doing Tarawih prayers, but with the absolute condition that they had to take care of and obey health protocols.

This follows up on the Regulation of the Minister of Religion Number 3 of 2021 on Guidelines for Ramadhan and Eid Al-Fitr Worship in 2021 (1442 Hijriyah).

Through the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) in each mosque, it is hoped that it can form a kind of internal COVID-19 task force so that all things can be managed properly, such as to regulate the distance of congregants carrying out worship, only 50 percent capacity, provision of a place to wash hands, wear masks etc.

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The implementation of this year’s Ramadan fasting allows DMI administrators from each mosque in Mimika to invite in preachers and speakers from beyond the region. 

It is hoped that the preachers and speakers brought in will be able to provide a soothing spiritual splash and uphold the spirit of tolerance among religious believers and the diverse Mimika people.

Mimika Deputy Chief also advised Muslims to make the momentum of fasting this year for helping to socialize the implementation of health protocols for the prevention of COVID-19. The carrying out of Ramadan 1441 Hijriah fasting last year, Muslims in Mimika were unable to perform Tarawih prayers in congregation in mosques, even Eid prayers in open fields. This is not allowed by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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