Jhon Gobai Assesses Many Hotels Belongs to the Papua Provincial Government that Can be Managed for PAD

goodmorningpapua.com – A Papuan DPR member Jhon NR Gobai assessed that the Papua Provincial Government has several hotels that can be managed as a source of local revenue (Pendapatan Asli Daerah/PAD).

“The provincial government has the Arfak Hotel in Manokwari, the Numbay Hotel in Jayapura and the Asmat Hotel,” said Jhon NR Gobai

Jhon said, ownership of this hotel is the right of the Papua Provincial Government. However, what the provincial government has not noticed from 2001 until nowadays is the hotel is managed by the Merauke local government.

“Just to note that Mapia Hotel is located in the city center, it includes an old hotel and belongs to the Papua Provincial Government, which is managed by the Papua Provincial Tourism Office. Then there is the Nijo Hotel, which is located within the BLKI, the Pasir II Jayapura Complex,” he said.

As stated by him, so far the OPD and DPRP meetings have been held in hotels that are not owned by the Papua Provincial Government.

“So far, the OPD and DPRP meetings have been held in hotels that do not belong to the Papua provincial government, such as the Horison hotel, Aston hotel, Swissbel hotel, Sunny Lake Garden hotel, so that it will definitely benefit the private sector,” he said.

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In his view, it would be better if the regional apparatus organization events, both at the Papuan provincial level and only locally, were held at hotels owned by the Papua provincial government, which would definitely provide PAD benefits for the region.

“It has become a common practice that asset management can be carried out by the owner, in this case the Papua Provincial Government through BUMD, but it can also be managed by a third party with a mutually beneficial cooperation agreement,” he said.

Furthermore, Jhon added, this certainly will also be discussed with the regencies that have been contributing so far, such as the Asmat hotel in Merauke with the Merauke Regency Government.

Then Hotel Nijo can also be used for training for workers, especially for hospitality training activities at the BLKI Jayapura.

“Now the choice is back to the provincial government whether to manage it alone or cooperate with a large hotel group in Indonesia, of course with the mutually beneficial cooperation owned by the Papua Provincial Government so as it can be optimized in order to provide benefits to the region, the Papua Province,” he added.

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