It’s a Shame! Only for the Sake of Content in Papua, This Man Steps On Whale Shark – A viral video on social media. The video shows a man trampling on a whale shark for the sake of content. This video was uploaded by Dandung Dany’s account on Tiktok. Through searching of detikcom, the man who turns out living in Kaimana, Papua often shares his daily life as content.

But these days, the content is really heartbreaking. Dany recorded his action swimming in the sea. Seen that Dany was in a cage, someone from above the cage spilled small fish into the sea.

Being seen that a whale shark approached and ate these fishes. Indeed, this activity often occurs to call whale sharks.

Near the shark, there is a wrapped rope usually used for fishermen to go up and down from the sea. Unfortunately, Dany uses the rope to climb on the whale shark’s body.

This man from Bugis also showed off his courage to stand on the whale shark’s mouth. Occasionally he swims while stroking the head of a whale shark.

Let alone touch the whale shark, swimming near this animal should not be careless. Based on KEPMEN-KP NO.18 of 2013, the Indonesian government has stipulated the whale shark as a protected species.

Netizens were also noisy for comment. Many are concerned because they know that whale sharks are not a dangerous species.  Yet not a few are also indignant with Dany’s action and pray for him to fall into the whale shark’s mouth.

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Not only one video, Dany was seen posting several videos. A total of eight videos were uploaded, but only one video gat attention for stepping on a whale shark.

Once again, this action must not be followed, traveler! Besides being dangerous, this action is also against the law, you know !

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