Increasing Green Investment from Young Entrepreneurs in West Papua Province – The West Papua provincial government and development partners collaborate to yield investment and young West Papuan entrepreneurs with a green investment perspective.

This collaboration on mapping investments and young entrepreneurs was delivered at a dissemination seminar on mapping young entrepreneurs to support green investment in West Papua, Friday (27/8/2021), in Manokwari.

Assistant II for Economic Development for West Papua Province Melkias Werinussa expressed his appreciation for the collaboration of the West Papua Balitbangda with the Green Trade Initiative (IDH) and the Papuan Bentara Association from data collection to seminars.

“Young entrepreneurs from the MSME group have a very important role in regional economic development, in addition to reducing unemployment, MSMEs have proven to be able to survive various economic crises,” said Werinussa on behalf of the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan.

Melkias said empowering investment, entrepreneurship and MSME groups is in line with one of West Papua’s missions in increasing regional competitiveness and investment climate to make West Papua an investment-friendly province.

“Of course we hope that the investment developed in this province is an eco-friendly investment and does not marginalize Papuan People (OAP) as stated in a number of special regulations (Perdasus) that apply in this province,” said Melkias.

Melkias Werinussa also hopes that data collection and mapping of investments and entrepreneurs in this province to support various development activities, of course, begins with good planning as well.

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“Data collection is important for the preparation of a regulation to overcome the difficulties that have been faced by investors and MSME actors along with guarantees for protection and business improvement in an environmentally friendly perspective,” he said.

Furthermore, a Head of Balitbangda West Papua, Prof. Charlie D. Heatubun, said that the collaboration of development partners for mapping investors and MSMEs in this province will become a data base for the Government in controlling the direction of eco-friendly economic development.

“So far, the investor and MSME data base is only available in certain agencies, so this time we will unify it in the database to make it easier for the government to control, but also to help entrepreneurs in production, financial management and the protection of their intellectual property rights,” said Prof Charlie. .

He acknowledged that the central issue that he wanted to boost in this investment and MSME data was the use of non-deforestation superior local commodities, reminding West Papua as a sustainable province or a conservation province.

“With one data, we can direct all entrepreneurs to raise local superior commodities so that they can help boost the local economy and support the improvement of the welfare of local communities with conservative values,” said Prof Charlie.

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