In July 2021, Electricity to Turn On 24 hours in Deiyai, Dogiyai and Paniai

In July 2021, Electricity to Turn On 24 hours in Deiyai, Dogiyai and Paniai – PLN is currently working on a power plant that will supply electricity to three districts in the Papua province. The three districts are Dogiyai, Deiyai ​​and Paniai.

General Manager of the PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Abdul Farid, said that currently the process of working on power plants in Deiyai, Dogiyai and Paniai Regencies is already 67 percent. It is targeted that the work will be accomplished in July, so that the people of the three regencies will have enjoyed the electricity on 24 hours.

Farid explained, currently the PLN plant has successfully operated machines with a capacity of 2 × 1000 kW and 500 kW (existing) in Deiyai. The location was chosen as the power plant that would supply the three regencies.

“Three generators are already operating, while 1 engine with a 500 kW capacity is in the process of being installed before we start operating it,” he said in Jayapura, Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

PLN has also relocated 2 machines with a capacity of 700 kW from Dogiyai and Paniai. “It is targeted that both of them will be installed on the fourth week of May,” he said.

For the 20 kV medium voltage network (JTM) side, PLN has finished a job connecting the electrical system from Deiyai ​​to Paniai.

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“The network of the two districts is already connected, so that our generator supply in Deiyai ​​can be distributed to Paniai. We are currently working on a 20 kV JTM from Deiyai ​​to Dogiyai. If there are no obstacles, the beginning of June will accomplish,” continued Farid.

Farid said, he was optimistic that all jobs will be able to be finished on time. “With the fast action that PLN is currently doing, we are optimistic that the 24-hour electricity for Paniai, Deiyai and Dogiyai Regencies can be inaugurated in early July 2021,” he said.

“The electricity system for the three districts which is centered in Deiyai, will later have a power with capable of reaching 3900 kW. With an estimated peak load of 2050 kW, we think a power reserve of 1850 kW for customer needs is sufficient,” explained Farid.

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