In front of West Papuan Ulema, Ma’ruf Amin: Make the National Harmony Embodied! – A Vice President (Wapres) KH Ma’ruf Amin held a friendship meeting with leaders of Islamic mass organizations (ormas) and religious leaders on the sidelines of his worke visiting in West Papua, Friday (15/10/2021).

In this meeting, the Vice President conveyed the importance of maintaining inter-religious harmony as well as community-government harmony. For, these two things are the primary elements of the creation of national harmony.

“We want to maintain this republic, this NKRI, while remaining to maintain inter-religious harmony, between the people and the government, since religious harmony, people’s harmony is the main element in national harmony, and national harmony is a prerequisite for the success we want,” said Vice President Ma’ruf Amin during the meeting held at the West Papua Province MUI Office, Manokwari, Friday (15/10/2021).

The Vice President said that one way that must be implemented in realizing these ideals is by conveying religious teachings or delivering messages from and for the community in a polite manner.  For, politness is a teaching taught by the Prophet Muhammad Saw. And with this civility, the narrative of harmony can be formed well.

“Therefore, I ask that in carrying out our preaching, we must continue to use good methods with corteous sentences,” the Vice President urged.

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The vice president also expressed his appreciation to the governor of West Papua and his staff who have shown their commitment to creating inter-religious harmony, as well as harmony between the community and the government. Some of these commitments can be seen from the building of mosques and educational institutions.

“The Governor of West Papua has shown how he maintains the relationship between Islam, Christianity and other religions,” he concluded.

Previously, the Chairman of the MUI West Papua, Ahmad Nausrau, reported that the commitment given by the ranks of the West Papua Provincial Government to inter-religious harmony in this province was felt and had a good effect on the daily social life of the community.

Presenting at this meeting were the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, the Regent of Manokwari Hermus Indou, the Chairman of the MUI West Papua Ahmad Nausrau and his staff, the Chairman of the MUI Manokwari Baharuddin Sabola, the Leader of the Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School in West Papua Hasdar Ambal, the Chairman of the Muhammadiyah West Papua Mulyadi, the Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama West Papuan Mukhsin Rahakbauw.

Besides, there were also Chairman of the Youth Communications Agency for Youth and Mosques Indonesia (BKPRMI) West Papua Mugiyono, Chairman of the Muslimah Brotherhood (Salimah) West Papua Noor Aini, Chairman of the Indonesian Preacher Association (Ikadi) West Papua Bambang TJ Hariadi, Chairman of the West Papua Baznas Gunawan, Chairman of the Forum Communications from the Indonesian Young Dai (FKDMI) West Papua Dudi Ramdani, West Papua Aisyiah Chair Suryati, West Papua Muslimat Chairperson Zainab Uswanas, and a number of West Papuan Islamic Religious Leaders.

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