IDI Papua: Health Workers Being Victims of the Kiwirok Conflict Undergo Mental Recovery – A Head of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) for Papua Region, Donald Aronggear, said the health workers [nakes] being victims of the incident in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains, Papua were undergoing mental recovery.

“This means that the post-traumatic conditions they face really need a recovery and must be supported by all parties,” Donald said in a statement from APKESMI, Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Donald said that nine health workers were successfully evacuated from Kiwirok to Jayapura with a difficult struggle. As many as 4 health workers were treated at the hospital, and 5 other health workers who suffered minor injuries were able to return to their homes. They are now in mental recovery.

According to Donald, the Kiwirok Health Center is in a remote location. The health workers on duty there have their own challenges and full of struggles. To get to Kiwirok only, said Donald, it can only be reached by flight from the Oksibil district for 30 minutes.

Flights can just be done depending on weather conditions. “If it’s land, it needs to walk 2 days and 2 nights from Oksibil Regency,” he said.

In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, Donald asked the local government to work on the safety of the health workers on duty in Papua. Because, after the incident, it will have an impact on the success of government programs, especially in the health sector.

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“With this incident, the impact will be very detrimental, so it will make a program will be hampered to get health services,” said Donald. The conflict between the armed criminal group (KKB) and the security forces previously broke out in Kiwirok, Papua on September 13, 2021. At that time, the Kiwirok Health Center was attacked and assasined one of the health workers, Gabriela Meilani, whose body was found at the bottom of a ravine. Of the 11 health workers, only Gerald Sokoy was declared missing, but now he is known to be at the headquarters of the West Papua National Liberation Army or TPNPB – Free Papua Organization (OPM).

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